Cherokee County

Cherokee County is located in northeastern Oklahoma. The 776-square-mile county sits between Mayes and Delaware Counties on the north, Adair on the east, Wagoner and Muskogee on the west, and Sequoyah County on the south.

Cherokee County is a favorite spot for vacationers because of its many recreational areas along the Illinois River, the foothills of the Ozarks, and scenic Tenkiller Lake. The county’s rich history is defined by the Cherokee Nation and its Trail of Tears, which brought a large population of American Indians to the area. The Cherokee Nation’s headquarters share the Cherokee County Seat of Tahlequah.

The latest U.S. Census puts the population of Cherokee County at 46,987.

Will Cosner has served District as an assistant district attorney since 2014, prosecuting cases ranging from unlawful possession of a controlled substance, to trafficking in controlled substances, to possession of a firearm after a felony conviction. Cosner has also prosecuted violence against police officers in Sequoyah County.

Cosner was raised on a farming and ranching operation in Gans, Oklahoma, and went on to obtain an undergraduate degree from Oklahoma State University. He landed in the district shortly after graduating with his Juris Doctor from Oklahoma City University Law School. Will’s duties encompass Sequoyah, Adair, Cherokee and Wagoner Counties.

Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dallis has specialized in the prosecution of drug and alcohol crime, illegal firearms possession and other general crimes since she began working full time in 2014. Dallis’ career with the district began as an intern in 2012.
Born and raised in Hulbert, the 2007 Hulbert High School graduate obtained her undergraduate degree from Northeastern State University in 2011, and her Juris Doctor from the University of Tulsa College of Law in 2014.
“I have a passion for protecting our community and could not envision myself doing anything but this,” Dallis said. “I take great pride in living in the county that I work and that doing my job every day means serving my community.”

Jacob Howell is a private practice attorney serving part time as an ADA for the district. In addition to providing counsel on civil matters such as drug forfeiture cases and condemnations, his flexibility and willingness to assist with other day-to-day issues enables us to contain personnel costs without impacting the quality of our service to the public.

Like many of our ADAs, Howell first served District 27 as a licensed legal intern and worked his way up to part-time ADA. As such, Howell has assisted in the prosecutions of multiple homicides, and he handles the prosecution of first-degree murder charges in other districts where District 27 was appointed to represent the state. Howell has also prosecuted child sex crimes, felony and misdemeanor jury cases, and homicide preliminary hearings. He has argued motions for homicide cases and coordinated grand jury proceedings. Howell also helps provide training when needed.